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it is's going have to fight back. on 700 club thursday at 9:00 a.m. one i say call me your nostradamus. i've seen america's future because what's happening in america today has been happening in britain for at lease the last 12 years. two we're bankrupt. britain is bankrupt. the lessons we can
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ven'in20 posg0 lntoe ica tar c refibo2% shary a ob or levthaove110ch y'foet t us urs d s cir tm on thefor vica 2 r ustnt sxsfoi ne. today i'm making
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a classic sweet potato pie... everyone can enjoy even lactose intolerant folks, because i'm using delicious lactaid milk. 100% real milk that's lactose-free... so it's easy on the stomach. welcome back to the table. love it with lactaid.

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